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Our Experience and Approach Means More Savings For Your Business

About HealthGathered

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Our seasoned professionals have been successfully negotiating medical claims on behalf of payers for more than 20 years.  We know large claims.  In fact, that's all our team handles.    They've developed thousands of C-Level relationships across the provider spectrum, enabling them to bypass gatekeepers and quickly reach the right people who can authorize much deeper discounts than standard collection staff.  

First, our negotiators are equipped with a deep understanding of each client's business needs, deploying a tailored negotiation solution, and embodying a constant sense of urgency.  We still believe in the art of negotiation.  Too much automation has cost Payers billions in mediocre discounts, and the burden of provider push-back and reversals.  Each negotiator's claim portfolio is limited to allow the maximum amount of effort, resulting in the deepest discounts.  

Having an effective negotiation strategy and executing on it is critical to mitigating the surging cost of out-of-network claims.  With most vendors charging high percentage of savings fees, it can also be incredibly costly .  HealthGathered significantly reduces these costs by negotiating the industry's deepest discounts and maximizing that savings through the most competitive fees.  

Our Team


Christian Clark, Founder Mr. Clark is the founder of HealthGathered and an industry veteran in the healthcare and medical cost containment space. He's served in executive leadership roles for some of the largest managed care service providers, including MultiPlan, Inc., Integrated Health Plan, Inc., National Bill Audit Service, LLC, HealthSmart, Advanced Medical Strategies, and MediNcrease Health Plans, LLC.  Mr. Clark founded HealthGathered to offer a small portfolio of clients a laser-focused, executive-to-executive level medical bill settlement solution to deliver unsurpassed savings on the most severe and high cost in-network and out-of-network claims.


Beth Eva, Claims Intake Beth has spent more than 30 years in the hospital administrative setting in various administrative roles, ranging from purchasing, service support to finance.  She provides HealthGathered clients with outstanding account management, including new client implementation, intake support of all claims and supporting documentation, and provide general customer support and monthly client value management reports.  


Frank Musso, Marketing Manager Mr. Musso is a graduate of Montclair State University with a degree in Marketing.  He's helped many firms develop and implement comprehensive online marketing strategies.  His role with HealthGathered is to help the team spread our mission to potential clients across the US.   

Any questions or thoughts?

We are always happy to help out!

"Data and analytics are the foundation of any great deal, but a great deal is still achieved by a great negotiator"  - Christian Clark, Founder

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